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That Takes The Cake Meaning. 3) man the only cake you seen was at ya birthday, broke ass chump. An extreme example of something (e.g., especially.

Idiom A piece of cake Funky English
Idiom A piece of cake Funky English from

Hey have you heard of that band 5 seconds of summer? Monsieur le président, j'ai entendu bien des propos arrogants à la chambre, mais je crois que ce discours les dépasse tous. Definitions by the largest idiom dictionary.

For Example, The Indiana Progress , January 1874 Has:

To make someone feel shocked or surprised. Take a cake idiom morinonakaseikotuin. Be the most remarkable or foolish of its kind.

You Have Always Been A Good Painter, But This Painting Takes The Cake.

I was sold out before lunch. Definitions by the largest idiom dictionary. Stealing your own child's halloween sweets really takes the cake!

Win Be The Winner In A Contest Or Competition;

Definition of takes the cake in the dictionary. What does that takes the cake! How to use take the cake in a sentence.

I’ve Heard Some Ridiculous Excuses Before, But That Takes The Cake.

Something takes the cake definition: It often does and takes the crown/cake/biscuit… don't actually need any competition. Keep it up could also refer to the best of a fine batch, without anything to win.

Definition Of Take The Cake In The Idioms Dictionary.

The winners were said to have 'taken the cake', which was often the prize. Take the cake synonyms, take the cake pronunciation, take the cake translation, english dictionary definition of take the cake. What does take the cake expression mean?

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