Chocolate Pancakes With Cake Mix

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Chocolate Pancakes With Cake Mix. The perfect double chocolate pancake. You could make about 18 pancakes.

Double Chocolate Pancakes (Out of Cake Mix!) Double
Double Chocolate Pancakes (Out of Cake Mix!) Double from

Cake batter funfetti pancakes because everything is better with sprinkles! Leave us a comment below and let us know what you thought of them and what type of cake mix you used! The church family loved it.

Cake Mix, Flour, Eggs, Oil, Baking Powder, Salt And Some Milk.

Experiment pancakes on a weekday are the absolute best.and no, i don’t mean protein pancakes.those are surprisingly good, but today we aren’t going for healthy. This chocolate pancake recipe is exactly what i need; I made these, used several different flavors of cake mixes, for my church breakfast.

2 ½ Cups Milk (Use What You Like, From Skim To Whole, Or Consider Buttermilk If You Want Some Extra Tang.

In a medium bowl, whisk together pancake mix, cocoa powder and light brown sugar until completely combined. Also, if you prefer thinner pancakes versus thicker ones, you can. Now, this is not a recipe you do daily, but if you are looking to change things up occasionally, then this chocolate pancake recipe is the one for sure.

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She’s no longer a little girl. Also, they taste just like chocolate cake. These are a family favorite next to quick and easy pumpkin pie spice pancakes.

Heat The Griddle To On Medium Heat 2:

I also decided to use buttermilk instead of regular milk to perfectly balance out the flavor, and contribute to the texture as well. Cake batter funfetti pancakes because everything is better with sprinkles! I also make a chocolate ganache sauce to.

Be Careful Not To Over Mix The.

I am so very excited to bring this recipe to. These pancakes are so delicious, and perfect for any special occasion! Test the skillet by putting a few drops of water on skillet.

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