Chinese Rice Cake New Year

Chinese Rice Cake New Year. Both my grandmas are from smaller village regions, fong explains. Symbols and meaning of eating nian gao.

Nian Gao (Tikoy), Chinese New Year Sweet Sticky Rice Cake
Nian Gao (Tikoy), Chinese New Year Sweet Sticky Rice Cake from

As a bonus, we will also share a simple recipe for you to try to make at home. During chinese new year, we usually make different treats and dishes to share with our friends and families. A popular gift and traditional sweet for the chinese lunar new year, nian gao is a sticky rice cake that can be served in various ways.

Nin4 Gou1 In Cantonese), Sometimes Translated As Year Cake Or New Year Cake Or Chinese New Year's Cake, Is A Food Prepared From Glutinous Rice Flour And Consumed In Chinese Is Also Simply Known As Rice Cake.while It Can Be Eaten All Year Round, Traditionally It Is Most Popular During The Chinese New Year.

Then, in a separate bowl, make a well in the center of some flour and pour milk and the brown sugar water into it. Chinese new year cakes can be eaten year round, but traditionally, they're served around chinese new year to celebrate the holiday. Fry it, steam it, roll in sesame seeds or dessicated coconut, or use as fried spring roll filling.

Why Chinese Eat Nian Gao

Jump to recipe print recipe. Rice cake (getty images/istockphoto) nian gao is a cake that's made from glutinous rice and eaten during the chinese new year for good luck. Chinese new year is a time of enjoying many delicious foods and snacks.

During Chinese New Year, We Usually Make Different Treats And Dishes To Share With Our Friends And Families.

I made a slight modification by adding ground ginger to the batter to give the nian gao more flavor. One of popular desserts eaten during this festive season is chinese new year’s cake (nian gao 年糕), that made with sticky, glutinous rice flour (mochi flour) with brown sugar because it’s symbolic of growing taller, achieving higher every year, that signifies a prosperous year awaiting ahead. Everything else is a bonus. it's a simple recipe, but it carries meaningful symbolism nonetheless.

Chinese New Year Rice Cake Recipe.

Celebrate lunar new year with nian gao (年糕), a steamed rice cake made of glutinous rice flour and brown sugar. Eating nian gao always means a happy and lucky next year. This is aunty’s easy recipe that can also be made in larger batches to be given as an edible gift.

Cut The Dates In Half And Remove The Pits.

In chinese, nian gao is a homonym for higher year, and as such is eaten with the belief that doing so will lead to a more prosperous year ahead. My dad often told us how during the tough days when he was a kid, chinese new year was the only time they got to eat meat. The glutinous rice cake absorbs the fragrant crab flavour and it has a golden colour too.

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